Where’s the work?

Data collated by the Centre for Cities suggests that 31% of jobs in UK cities are in London. If you’ve…

New Zealand bans foreigners from buying homes as housing crisis escalates


Legislation to ban foreigners from buying homes in New Zealand will be introduced, as the country’s housing crisis continues.

In a move that could become a test-case for other nations suffering housing shortages, the country will only allow those who hold a residential visa to buy existing homes.

Brazilian police pose for selfies with gang boss


Police in Brazil are facing an angry backlash after posing for selfies with a gang kingpin accused of extortion, drug-trafficking and multiple murders.

Rogerio Avelino da Silva, also known as Rogerio 157, was arrested on Wednesday in what should have been a victory for detectives grappling with the bloody criminal violence that plagues the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Owning public space is expensive. So why do developers want to do it?


A great deal has been written about privately owned public space, or POPS. A Guardian investigation earlier this year revealed the proliferation of “pseudo-public spaces”. Tales of people being watched, removed from or told off in POPS have spread online. Activists have taken to monitoring POPS, and politicians on both sides of the pond are calling for reforms in how they are run.

Lisbon is a city famed for its nightlife – and the residents hate it


Lisbon’s nightlife runs on a late schedule. Few arrive at a bar before midnight, at a club before 4, or go home until long after the sun has risen.

All that is about to change, however, as the city government approves new licensing laws to ease tension between party goers and embattled residents in the Portuguese capital.

UK police forces under pressure to stop using spit hoods

THE GUARDIAN – w/ Josh Holliday and Jamie Grierson

Provincial police forces are under pressure to stop hooding detainees after it emerged that the practice has been used hundreds of times despite being banned by Britain’s biggest police forces.

Official figures obtained by the Guardian show that spit hoods have been used 513 times since last year by a handful of provincial police forces.