‘It’s like we don’t exist’: London’s Gypsies stand up to be counted


“Our children haven’t got a chance of getting a pitch. They haven’t got a chance at being able to live their culture,” says Marian Mahoney, an Irish Traveller and grandmother. Mahoney had lived on the same site on Eleanor Street in Tower Hamlets for 37 years until she and her family were cleared out to make room for Crossrail three years ago.

Cardboard cutout stands in for Thai prime minister


Thailand’s prime minister left journalists bemused when he produced a cardboard cutout of himself and walked out of a press conference. Prayuth Chan-ocha had begun by fielding questions at an event to promote a children’s day but as they turned political matters took a bizarre turn.

Justice Department rejects ban on questioning alleged rape victims over sexual history in court


Women’s groups have criticised a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) decision to reject a proposed ban on questioning alleged rape victims about their sexual history in court. 

Supported by MPs Harriet Harman and Liz Saville Roberts, campaigners argue that it has become increasingly common for defence lawyers to apply to introduce a complainant’s previous sexual history into evidence.

Where’s the work?

Data collated by the Centre for Cities suggests that 31% of jobs in UK cities are in London. If you’ve…

New Zealand bans foreigners from buying homes as housing crisis escalates


Legislation to ban foreigners from buying homes in New Zealand will be introduced, as the country’s housing crisis continues.

In a move that could become a test-case for other nations suffering housing shortages, the country will only allow those who hold a residential visa to buy existing homes.

Brazilian police pose for selfies with gang boss


Police in Brazil are facing an angry backlash after posing for selfies with a gang kingpin accused of extortion, drug-trafficking and multiple murders.

Rogerio Avelino da Silva, also known as Rogerio 157, was arrested on Wednesday in what should have been a victory for detectives grappling with the bloody criminal violence that plagues the streets of Rio de Janeiro.